This page will be a your GPS for navigating most things through the VA process.  We will give you step by step on what to do in filing for an appeal, claim for c & p, writing a nexus letter, DIC, etc.

Please check back regularly for updated information as we are adding new content on a daily basis.  Armed with the right tools and being proactive in your own claim, you will be successful in dealing with the VA.

We are here to help Veteran’s and their families in any way we know how.

How do I search other BVA cases to help guide my claim to not make the same mistakes as others?

How to write a Nexus Letter

How to apply for an Appeal

How to search for State Benefits for Veterans

How to communicate via letters with the VA

How to apply for Education Benefits

What does my disability % mean?

Where do I find commonly used VA forms?

What do all these acronyms mean?

What do I do in the event of divorce?

How to seek Apportionment

How to apply for special Clothing Allowance

What about Child Support options?

How to apply for CHAMPVA

How to apply for Burial Benefits

How do I help my family’s Health and Well-Being?

Where can I find information on DIC?

How do I determine if I am eligible for Caregiver Benefits?

What does Permanent and Total disability rating mean for my veteran?

How to share your experiences and answers in our forum

How to apply for Health Benefits as a Veteran or dependent

Is there a way to track the claim process?

How to use Travel benefits as a Veteran or family

How to prepare for a C & P examination

Who and How to gripe about VA services received

Where do I go for counseling services free of charge?