Now that your Veteran has served their country how do you keep track of your claim?

When will the VA process your compensation & benefits?

There is no perfect system in place that allows you to view the status of your claim or any progress it may be making. However, you supposedly can see where you claim is at in status via Ebenefits on the “View My Status” link. Not entirely sure how accurate this is but it may provide piece of mind.

All of the places VA provides like IRIS, the toll free number, that Ebenefits site and so on don’t work. Those things do not go to your Regional Office where your claims folder (C-File) is located, they go to “call centers”.

Those are provided as distractions to keep you occupied while VA operates in nearly total chaos. They don’t know where your folder is on a given day. They aren’t going to take time to find it for you and tell you anything that’s happening. VA uses the rationale that if they opened up phone lines to veterans so that you could talk to them, you and 1,000,000 others would probably call and bitch about it every day.

Time taken to reassure you is time taken away from working on your claim.
If you have to know the status of your claim because you are in financial trouble, you have already made your first mistake.

VA is not responsible for your financial woes. VA does not approve benefits because you need the money. VA approves benefits only because you have a service connected condition that meets the criteria to be awarded a benefit.

There is nothing at all in VA disability law that tells the VA that they must consider that you haven’t been able to pay for the new plasma screen TV so they should move your claim ahead of others.

The system is really very simple. You file a claim. If you did it the smart way, you sent your claim in yourself and provided all the data VA needed. You mailed it using Certified Mail and Return Receipt Requested.

You got that little green postcard back so you know that your VA Regional Office got your claim. It made it into the mail room!

From the mail room the claim is triaged to the appropriate stations. It may go to compensation, education, home loans and so on.

It gets in line. The line is huge. There are 57 VA Regional Offices and there are over one million claims in the backlog. The VA receives more claims each day than it resolves. The backlog grows every day.

Your claim is in the line in the order it was received. You get no priority because you need the money…everybody needs the money.

Your claim may be headed to a section where 10 people are working. As each one closes a claims folder and sends out the award letter, he or she makes room for the next folder in that long line.

That’s it. There’s no mystery to it. Your claim is not tracked daily or weekly or even monthly. It’s just sitting there in line waiting its turn on the desk of a rater.

I advise that the veteran plan to get a denial, not an award. It’s my guess that 70% of all initial claims are denied. You will have to appeal and that will add two more years.

That means you should plan your living expenses accordingly. Don’t rely on VA money coming to you next month so you can make the mortgage payment. Plan and spend as if you will never get any VA money…you may not.

But…you’re one of those who decide that you can’t wait. You’re mad as hell and you’re going to do something about it.You call your Congressional Representative demanding action.

In that office is a person designated to help you. They get these calls each and every day. They know the drill. The Military and Veterans Liaison in your Congressperson or Senators office will take your info and then initiate a Congressional Inquiry.

The Congressional Inquiry is a routine form that asks the Regional Office what the deal is with your case? VA has a designated staff that will have a look and reply. They have about 45 days to do that.

The VA Regional Office people will pull your folder for review. This is not a review of the decision, it’s only a look at the history of your file to see why it’s taking so long.

The answer is written up and sent back to that Congressional Representative.

The great majority of these inquiries are answered with, “It’s all good. The veterans folder is in line for processing. We’re sorry for the delay.”

Unless your case is weird and has something unusual happening, it gets back in line.

However…it has now been even more delayed. It may not get back in line where it was…it could go right back to start. You’ve just contributed to the delay.

If you filed your claim less than one year ago, don’t try to discover where it is. You should have received the little green receipt. Then you should receive some arcane paperwork from VA that acknowledges the claim is in process.

Around 3 to 12 months after filing you should get notice of a C & P exam. Once you have your C & P exam, you’ll wait another 3 to 12 months.

Plan on 2 years start to finish before you get a denial and then go into an appeal.

If you really must track your claim, every week check out the Monday Morning Workload Reports and find your VARO.

The MMWR isn’t accurate. They fudge the numbers in an attempt to look good. But overall you can get a pretty good idea of how backed up your VARO is.

However…that isn’t always a good indicator because of “brokering” claims to other Regional Offices. If your claim is way behind and your VARO is at max output, your claim may be at another VARO for processing there. Nobody will tell you about that or just how it works.

Be patient. Take a hobby like reading War and Peace in the original language.

Your claim will be done when it’s done and no sooner. Click here to read about the Backlog on vawatchdog dot org.