Each individual state has their own set of benefits for qualifying veterans or dependents. Some want P & T 100% documents that the VA normally doesn’t give you unless you ask.

As we add more content about things like caregiver benefits, DIC, apportionment, etc. we will also be updating the information about State Benefits.


In the state of Georgia, Veterans returning home from overseas with an expired license are allotted a 6 month window for renewal without penalty. After which they are entitled to a benefit of a no fee license.In the state of Illinois, qualifying OIF, OEF, Korean, Vietnam, or Persian Gulf veterans are additionally entitled to a conflict bonus of $100 per month.In the state of Wyoming, qualifying veterans and surviving dependents are eligible for a veterans tax exemption on primary residence.

As we add more content about veterans and dependents benefits on this site, look below for your state. Let me show you how to search for state available veterans benefits:

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