All benefits have a form through the Veterans Affairs office. The quicker you can understand this, more efficient any of your claims or benefits will be through the VA.

The website you access for a specific benefit, will depend on whether it’s for the veteran or dependents.

Below here you will find some of the more commonly used forms. Please visit VaWatchdog dot org for more information. For questions about specific forms visit the VA website. Word to the wise…

We strongly encourage you to download and then print out all forms and follow our steps for any communications with the VA for the most efficient results. Calling and speaking with a VA representative does not work and will not keep your “paper trail” to help with any of your processing.

Application for Veterans Compensation and Benefits (VA 21-526)Application for Meds By Mail Pharmacy through CHAMPVA (VA 10-0426)

Application for VA Education Benefits (VA 22-1990)

Application for VA Health Benefits (VA 10-10EZ)

Application for CHAMPVA benefits (VA 10-10d)

Dependents’ Education Assistance Form (VA 22-5490)

Application for DIC benefits by surviving spouse or child (VA 21-534)

Application for DIC benefits by surviving parent (VA 21-535)

Application for Annual Clothing Allowance (VA 10-8678)

Application for Information Regarding Apportionment of Beneficiary’s Award (VA 21-0788)Financial Statement form to accompany Apportionment Request (VA 26-6807)