Is your veteran eligible for a clothing allowance?

If he or she uses a wheelchair, a prosthetic device such as an arm or leg, or must use creams or salves that may stain clothing, you should consider applying for this benefit.

The veteran must use the appliance or medication that damages clothing because of a service-connected disability.

Application Process

To complete an application, use VA Form 10-8678, “Application for Annual Clothing Allowance.”

Clothing Allowance Regulation – 2/2/2/2

The change makes VA’s clothing allowance regulations consistent with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s holding in the case of Sursely v. Peake.

The application deadline for an annual clothing allowance is August 1 of each year. Payments are administered during the months of September and October. Payment of more than one clothing allowance to qualifying Veterans will begin in2012. VA is in the process of revising the form for Application For Annual Clothing Allowance, to accommodate application for more than one annual clothing allowance. Currently, the single annual clothing allowance is $716.

In the meantime, if a Veteran wishes to claim more than one allowance, the Veteran may continue to download and complete the current form, to indicate that he or she desires consideration for more than one annual clothing allowance.

Veterans are also encouraged to visit VA’s web portal eBenefits -Compensation for information on the clothing allowance and other VA benefits. Veterans can also contact their nearest VA regional office at 1-800-827-1000 for more information about applying for more than one clothing allowance.

Clothing Allowance – What Is the Benefit?

The Clothing Allowance program reimburses certain Veterans for damage to clothes caused by prosthetic devices or medication.

Payment Amount

The annual amount you’re paid varies from year to year. Effective December 1, 2008, the amount is $716.

Determination Date

The determination is usually made in early September. The clothing allowance is paid to all Veterans who are eligible on August 1st of the following year.

How Claims Are Paid

They make your payment by the same method they pay your compensation.

If you get your compensation payments through Direct Deposit, you’ll get your clothing allowance through Direct Deposit.

If you get your compensation payments by check, we’ll send your allowance check to the same address.

Veterans Receiving Retired Pay

The clothing allowance will not affect a Veteran’s retirement. A Veteran receiving retired pay is not required to waive any portion of it to receive the clothing allowance.

Philippine Veterans

Payment rates for Philippine Veterans follow these rules:

Army and Regular (Old) Scouts are paid in dollars

The following groups are paid in pesos at the half-rate

  • Special (New) Scouts
  • Commonwealth Army
  • Guerrilla Service

Rules for Veterans Who Are in Prison

VA is required to reduce the payment for a Veteran who is in a Federal, state, or local prison IF—

Clothing is furnished without charge by the prison.
The prison term:

  • Happened within the year before the allowance is payable, AND
  • Lasted more than 60 days

Note: We assume prison gives the Veteran free clothing unless we’re told differently.

How We Figure the Reduction

Rules for Veterans Who Are in Prison: Figuring the Deduction

The first 60 days of any period in prison don’t count. So, if you’re in prison two separate times during the year, neither 60-day period counts.

After the 60-day period, we reduce the allowance for each day you’re in prison.

Deceased Veterans

When a Veteran dies, VA determines if he or she met the eligibility requirements on the previous August 1st. If so, VA pays a clothing allowance.

In this case, VA pays the full allowance. We don’t pro rate the payment for the time following the Veterans death.

For more information from the VA on clothing allowance click here.