January 2012 879,396 Claims Pending 563,120 Pending Over 125 Days 64.0% Of All Claims Backlogged

January 2013 900,677 Claims Pending 616,551 Pending Over 125 Days 68.5% Of All Claims Backlogged

Yet, in the face of the failure to achieve the goal of reducing the backlog to 60% (VA Promises Results), VA hasn’t yet produced an intelligent, viable plan on how to deal with this ultimate insult to America’s veterans.

While veterans service organizations trumpet untenable plans to break the backlog, there is not only no progress, the situation grows worse by the day.

This isn’t anything new. The VBA & Congress act surprised every time the backlog is mentioned. The institutional memory of the people who are responsible for serving veterans blithely ignores the hard fact that veterans have been aware of the situation for many, many years.

This information just states how important it is to start any claim sooner than later.