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Hi, my name is Gisela and I am the new administrator for Veteran's Spouse.

I have never done this before so please be patient with me. Why am I doing this now you might ask. I have been married to a disabled combat veteran for over 15 years. While I found many support groups and webpages for veterans, not so much for the spouses of veterans. When I was offered the opportunity to administer this page, I was very excited. What better place to share experiences, strengths and hopes and help each other out from one vet spouse to another.
Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see on this page. I welcome your ideas!




Delay for VA benefits blamed on record keeping.  The VA had more than 770,000 disability compensation claims pending as of June 1, and the department has been in the spotlight for weeks amid its promises to expedite its sluggish decision-making process. The department said that by 2015, all claims should be decided in 125 days or fewer with an error rate of 2 percent, goals it's far from realizing.


New research out of the University of Utah shows post-traumatic stress disorder isn't just a private war for the veteran, but a battle that can impact a spouse just as intensely. Fortunately, that information also suggests helpful strategies for treatment, too.


National Hire a Veteran or Military Spouse Day

In lieu of the astounding rate of unemployment, recruiters are doing what they can to help veterans and their spouses.  On March 20th, dozens of America's leading employers from all industries are joining together to recruit our nation's finest. Veteran recruiting services in support of the White House Joining Forces initiative will host a recruiting event like no other. Employers, veterans, and military spouses from all over the country/world will connect live in the VRS virtual recruitment center.


Important Headlines:

Since tax season is approaching, a new article was released stating the VA has overpaid disabled Veterans

More current information regarding claims taking longer


January 2012 879,396 Claims Pending 563,120 Pending Over 125 Days 64.0% Of All Claims Backlogged

January 2013 900,677 Claims Pending 616,551 Pending Over 125 Days 68.5% Of All Claims Backlogged

Yet, in the face of the failure to achieve the goal of reducing the backlog to 60% (VA Promises Results), VA hasn't yet produced an intelligent, viable plan on how to deal with this ultimate insult to America's veterans.

While veterans service organizations trumpet untenable plans to break the backlog, there is not only no progress, the situation grows worse by the day.

This isn't anything new. The VBA & Congress act surprised every time the backlog is mentioned. The institutional memory of the people who are responsible for serving veterans blithely ignores the hard fact that veterans have been aware of the situation for many, many years.

This information just states how important it is to start any claim sooner than later.


As new information is provided by the VA regarding upcoming changes to programs and services, we too are constantly updating our information to provide the best knowledge for you and your families.

If you are new to our site, we want to welcome you and hope you find what you need to help serve your needs as a veteran's family.  If you can not find the information please do not hesitate to ask questions in our Forum or email us <>.  Also take time to visit our page GPS for the VA.


We have added new content to several of our pages including CHAMPVA, Caregiver Benefits, Forms, & Headlines that are current with today's Veterans and their family.  Take some time to visit our pages for new updated information.

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Welcome aboard!

This site is about veterans families and spouses. We know that often enough it's the spouse of the veteran who does the work of filing for benefits. We're designing this site to help you.

Our team has grown. We're adding content.

Melissa Allen has joined The Veterans Spouse as editor. Melissa is the wife of a soldier. Her soldier, Sgt. Scotty Allen, is in the process of becoming a veteran. He's spent 7 years on active duty and taken 2 tours into Iraq with the 1st Infantry Division. Melissa has spent those years by his side, waiting for him at their duty station in Germany.

Melissa shares a blog chronicling her encounters as an Active Duty Wife over the years to a newly Transitioning Veteran's Spouse.

Polly Strickland is the wife of Jim Strickland. Jim is a Vietnam era veteran who has significant service connected disabling conditions. She is Scotty Allen's mom and of course, she is Melissa's mother-in-law.

As veterans spouses we have a wide range of experience that covers many years of caring for our veterans in good times and not-so-good times. We've each witnessed the effects of coping with the Department of Veterans Affairs...the VA...and how difficult that can be.

Our combined knowledge and experience will serve you to better understand how to successfully work with the government agencies that you'll confront as you help your veteran.

Melissa & Polly

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